Maczuga Herkulesa

Maczuga Herkulesa (Prądnik Valley, Pieskowa Skała)

Maczuga Herkulesa (Prądnik Valley, Pieskowa Skała)
Sułoszowa Tourist subregion: Krakowski
Type of natural attractions: Rocks (rock outliers)
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One of the most characteristic elements of the Prądnik Valley landscape. It is situated on a rock terrace called Fortepian (Piano), at the foot of which Prądnik used to flow.
It is 10 m high and Maczuga Herkulesa - 25 m. It is built from massive limestone rocks and was formed as a result of karst water activity. It used to be called Maczuga Kraka, Sokola Skała, Czarcia Skała, Skała Twardowskiego.