The Apilandia Interactive Beekeeping Centre

The Apilandia Interactive Beekeeping Centre

It is the only place in Poland where, thanks to the combination of tradition and innovation, everyone has the opportunity to learn the secrets of bee life. You can even personally play the role of a beekeeper. The exhibition is presented using various multimedia technologies, interactive installations and visual animations.

The visit to this unique place is divided into three thematic stages. At the beginning we will learn how much good bees do - not only for people, but also what we ourselves can do for bees. Then, we will look at the beekeeper's work and find out what tools are used, and with the help of interactive tools we will be able to do his work. The third stage of the visit is multimedia shows, thanks to which the visitors will get to know the details of bee life, both in and out of the hive. We will learn, among other things, how honey is produced and what the honey bee has to offer besides it.

Apart from the sightseeing tour itself, Apilandia offers thematic workshops. For adults, the classes are conducted under the slogan "honey in cosmetics", during which we learn and test Honey Therapy cosmetics containing honey in the form of a free beauty treatment. The offer for children includes, among others, a "walk among bees", i.e. visiting an apiary in special hats, a "sweet world of honey" with tasting various honeys, "I am a beekeeper" which allows you to play the role of a beekeeper, "pollen as a bee gift of nature” presenting a beekeeping tool to obtain pollen from a beehive and "magic of wax candles" – making your own hand-made candle made of wax.

Additionally, on the premises of the Beekeeping Centre there is a shop and a café where we can treat ourselves to sweet products and buy gadgets related to beekeeping.

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